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Archive of work
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xxxThe following is a changing index 
xxxof some work completed between 
xxx1990-1997.  I have been a full time 
xxxquilt artist since 1978. 

Alcove   60x64  ©Sharp 1993 
Stanford University, Stanford CA 
Ballet Set Design  37x33 Theatre I
Saffron Gatherer's Ballet ©Sharp 1993 
Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek CA
Theatre I     36x42   ©Sharp 1995 
Alza Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
Coracle Matter of Chance
Coracle    28x26    ©Sharp 1994 
Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA
Matter of Chance  67x63   ©Sharp 1992 
Private Collection
Colonnade Summer House Triptych
Colonnade  48x48   ©Sharp 1997 
Artist Collection
Summer House  61x86  ©Sharp 1993 
Artist Collection
Big Top Amphora
Big Top   35x44  ©Sharp 1996 
Artist Collection
Amphora   31x34  ©Sharp 1993 
Artist Collection
earthwatch1b.jpg  13KB musing_arch1b.jpg   19KB
Earthwatch  72x55  ©Sharp 1991 
Artist Collection
Musing the Arch   68 x 75   ©Sharp 1990 
Artist Collection
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